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Stakeholder forum

How to join

Applications are subject to review and approval by WeTransform Coordinator.
Membership to WeTransform Stakeholder Forum is free of charge.
You May apply by filling in the application form

Stakeholder forum

WeTransform is an initiative funded by the European Commission to address the concerns raised in the EC White Paper on Transport (2011) regarding the impact on the workforce of the introduction of new technologies, automation and artificial intelligence (AI). To this end, we want to involve all interested stakeholders to join our Stakeholder Forum and share their knowledge and experience, contributing concretely to the set of recommended actions towards EC.

Why we need WeTransform

There is a significant deficit of knowledge about how automation could affect workers and key labour market institutions and how such institutions and society as a whole can address and adapt to the consequences of automation. While some research has been conducted in other sectors than transport, only a few studies have been carried out for the wider transport, shipping, aviation and logistics sectors, and this research remains fragmented.

We lack an overview of the priorities of stakeholders regarding the effects of automation on all transport modes (including the new forms of mobility and logistics), which requires an effective dialogue with all parties involved, including social partners and trade unions.

Why we need you

In this context, WeTransform proposes to leverage existing data and people’s expertise, using Collective Intelligence (CI) and a living hub as the interaction and co-creation platform to engage all concerned stakeholders in the project to:
  • Exchange experiences and gather knowledge on expected impact of digitisation and automation processes on the current and future jobs and working conditions across all existing and evolving transport modes through:
    • addressing future skills, potentialities and challenges (social, economic, environmental, legal, ethical, emotional, equity, gender);
    • gaining insight into the factors that contrast the negative aspects of automation (e.g. how the automation of transport can become an opportunity to make labour market more inclusive for women and people with disabilities; how it will generate new opportunities for different businesses, which will require new skills);
    • gaining insight into the barriers and issues that have to be solved to mitigate the negative effects of automation (e.g. reluctance to up/reskilling by aged workers; absence of a shared regulatory framework; use of proprietary protocols or new standards limiting access to the market for small companies);
    • capitalising on best practices and results from previous automation-driven transitions as well as past and ongoing initiatives related to both transport and other sectors, and their impacts on labour;
  • Generate an Agenda (including a set of concrete actions, monitoring methods, clearly defined roles and responsibilities, as well as key milestones and time-horizons) to prepare well the transition and thus minimise the potential negative effects of automation on labour force;

  • Enable a durable dialogue (beyond the end of the project) on innovation and the reality of workforce requirements and conditions.

Get involved and join our Stakeholder Forum

Take the chance to shape the European agenda to address the challenges, impacts and effects of automation on the transport workforce and contribute to more accountable and informed policymaking.

Benefits of joining

Join the WeTransform Stakeholder Forum to:

  • exchange experience and knowledge with other stakeholders;
  • learn from other sectors transitions;
  • co-design the approaches, and prioritize the actions, of the Agenda.

Roles and responsibilities

Members of the Stakeholder Forum are invited to contribute input and provide feedback on a voluntary basis during workshops (2 per year), short surveys /interviews (a couple of times per year), focus group discussions through the Living Hub, which will enable a continuous dialogue throughout the project duration and beyond. This will work as a bidirectional channel, i.e. members of the Stakeholder Forum will be able to contact WeTransform to convey their needs and requests for support. Moreover, Stakeholder Forum members are also expected to help raise awareness of the project by sharing its news and progress; to encourage the implementation of the project final results and facilitate their uptake in their organisations and administrations. WeTransform will advertise Stakeholder Forum members’ names and logos on the project website.

How to join

Membership to WeTransform Stakeholder Forum is free of charge.

You may apply by filling in the application form.

Applications are subject to review and approval by WeTransform Coordinator.

Targeted stakeholders

Stakeholders from the following (though not limited to) categories, with a stake or expertise in the aforementioned topics, are invited to join our Stakeholder Forum. The following targeted stakeholder categories are applicable across all transport sectors (road, rail, air and water), as well as cross-modal, and includes both passenger and freight transport:

  • User associations (incl. informal civil associations)
  • Consumer associations
  • Transport user association (incl. Passengers)
  • Industry association
  • Trade Unions
  • Workforce associations (or Workforce Development Associations)
Public institutions
  • EU institutions
  • National, regional (ministries, etc.)
  • Local (Cities)
  • Unions of cities
  • Transport (or Transportation) Authorities or Public Transport Authority)
Research organizations
  • Universities
  • Research centres
  • Industrial laboratories
  • Research associations
Transport industry
  • Manufacturers/ OEMs
  • Automotive suppliers
  • Maritime Shipping
  • Car dealers (+ maintenance & repair)
  • Road operators & associations
  • Passenger transport operators & associations
  • Freight transport operators & associations
  • Infrastructure Manager
  • Transport Service Provider
Industry (others)
  • Tourism, banking &finance, agriculture sectors
  • Telecom operators
Technology provider
  • Technology developers
  • ITS associations
  • Consulting firms
  • Individual experts & expert platforms