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Report on the WE-TRANSFORM First Webinar

Report on the WE-TRANSFORM First Webinar

Report on the webinar, presentations and Q&A

Report on the WE-TRANSFORM First Webinar: What jobs and what workers in automated and digital transport services?

WE-TRANSFORM project held its' first online webinar on November 9 to find out existing initiatives supporting transport workers' transition due to services automation and digitalisation, and to understand the impacts of this transition on citizens, businesses, and authorities.

We were joined by 51 external participants from more than 17 states across Europe!

A webinar main objectives were to:

  • Raise awareness of WE-TRANSFORM activities

  • Present WE-TRANSFORM first results

  • Collect feedback for upcoming activities

WE-TRANSFORM First Webinar - November 9, 2022

A first webinar of the WE-TRANSFORM project focused on the creation of a cross-national living hub as a knowledge and action platform, offering a path forward for smarter decisions, more innovative and evidence-based policymaking, through accountable and informed governance.

We would like to thank everyone who was able to join our webinar. We hope that you liked this event and will help to boost it further, to spread awareness and information!

Feel free to comment, share and contact us back in case you have more specific questions!

We also encouradge you to take a closer look at the project presentation on the objectives, current challanges and our latest achievements!

WE-TRANSFORM presentation and overview

WE-TRANSFORM aims to apply a participatory approach, using Collective Intelligence (CI), to generate an evidence-based and action-oriented agenda to tackle the challenges related to the increasing adoption of digital/automation technologies to manage the transition rate to accommodate the workforce skills adaptation to the demands of this new digital era